The second International Advisory Committee Meeting of Asian Population Research Center convened

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On the afternoon of October 9th, 2016, the second International Advisory Committee Meeting of Asian Population Research Center was convened at Meeting Room of Hengshan Hall in Gucun Park Hotel Shanghai under the auspices of Wolfgang Lutz, Director of International Scientific Advisory Committee. The International Scientific Advisory Committee (the “Committee”) of Asian Population Research Center (the "Center") of Shanghai University was established in November, 2015. The Committee aims to provide the Center with support and suggestions on academic activities to help the Center achieve better development. Attendees in this Meeting include JIANG Leiwen, Director of Asian Population Research Center in Shanghai University, LIU Yuzhao, Vice President of School of Social Sciences, Samir KC, responsible person in human capital, ZHU Yu, responsible person in domestic immigration and urbanization, Guy Abel, responsible person in international population migration as well as committee members Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi, Doo-Sub Kim, Peter McDonald, VipanPrajuabmoh, Michael White and Brenda Yeoh.

Director JIANG Leiwen began with a brief report of the official website and cooperation matters of the Center to present committee members around the personnel, expenditure and graduate admissions program. Committee members delivered relevant suggestions on the graduate admissions program, official website and other cooperation matters of the Center with other institutions. After that, Director JIANG Leiwen, Samir KC, ZHU Yu and Guy Abel respectively made a work report on their own research direction.

Then the Committee presented certain suggestions on the construction and development of the Asian MetaCentre for Population and Sustainable Development Analysis in the charge of the Center. Committee members expressed that the Center was still in need of recruiting responsible persons in the health and aging direction. They also recommended that Asian Population Research Center establish its own library and store relevant books to facilitate students and teachers in the Center.


October 9th, 2016

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