ADRI staff attended 2018 European Population Conference

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      On the 7th of June, Guy J. Abel, Professor at Asian Demographic Research Institute (ADRI), presented “Probabilistic Method for Combining Internal Migration Data” on June 7th at 2018 European Population Conference. And Nayoung Heo, a Postdoctoral Researcher at ADRI presented her work titled as ""She is not like a 'typical' Korean mom”: Japanese marriage migrant mothers' role in children's education in South Korea", her next presentation titled "Cross National Analyses of Internal Migrant Flows by Gender and Marital Status" followed on the next day. This work was coauthored with Guy J. Abel. Also, Emerson Augusto Baptista, Assistant professor in ADRI, exhibited a poster about “Decomposition of Mortality Rates from Cardiovascular Disease in the Adult Population: A Study for Brazilian Micro-Regions between 1996 and 2010”

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