Published Papers by ADRI Faculties in 2021 (TBC):

  • Baptista, E. A., Dey, S., & Pal, S. (2021). Chronic respiratory disease mortality and its associated factors in selected Asian countries: evidence from panel error correction model. BMC Public Health, 21(1), 1-11.

  • Lima, E. E. C. D., Gayawan, E., Baptista, E. A., & Queiroz, B. L. (2021). Spatial pattern of COVID-19 deaths and infections in small areas of Brazil. PloS one, 16(2), e0246808.

  • Dimitrova, A. K., Marois, G., Kiesewetter, G., Samir, K. C., Rafaj, P., & Tonne, C. (2021). Health impacts of fine particles under climate change mitigation, air quality control, and demographic change in India. Environmental Research Letters.

  • Abel, G. J., DeWaard, J., Ha, J. T., & Almquist, Z. W. (2021). The form and evolution of international migration networks, 1990–2015. Population, Space and Place, e2432.

  • Baptista, E. A., Queiroz, B. L., & Pinheiro, P. C. (2021). Regional distribution of causes of death for small areas in Brazil, 1998-2017. Frontiers in Public Health, 9, 424.

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