1. Guy Abel: Statistical Modelling Using R

2. Guy Abel: Data Science for Social Science

3. Emerson Baptista: Spatial Analysis for Population Studies

4. Chen Chen: Population geography

5. Nayoung Heo: Theories of Demography

6. Kakinuma Kaoru: Population, Environment and Climate Change (1 taught by Fatima Tehreem, 1 taught by Leiwen Jiang)

7. KC Samir: Multidimensional Demography

8. KC Samir: Demographic Computations 

9. Guillaume Marois: Seminar of Sociology

10. Wu Jinjing: Population, Health, and Health Policy (2 by Jiaying Zhao)

11. Zhen Li: Migration and Urbanization (2 lectures taught by Zhu Yu)

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