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4075Nayoung Heo (Korean, Ph.D. from Texas A&M University, USA) joined the institute as an assistant professor in the pillar of International Migration. She specializes in international migration with sociological perspectives. Her research interests include factors and consequences of marriage migration, adaptation of immigrants, identities of minority children, natives’ attitudes toward immigrants, and comparative demographic studies in East Asia.

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Selected Publications 

  • Nayoung Heo and Doo-Sub Kim. 2019. “Determinants of remittance behavior among female marriage immigrants in South Korea.” Journal of Asian Sociology (SCOPUS & KCI) 48(3), 415-441.

  • Nayoung Heo. 2018. “We are not simply ‘multicultural’”: Intersecting Ethnic and Religious Identities of Japanese-Korean Young Adults in South Korea”. Ethnic and Racial Studies (SSCI) 41(15), 2750-2769.

  • Nayoung Heo and Dudley L. Poston, Jr. 2018. “Natural Decrease in the Context of Lowest-low Fertility: South Korea, 2005–2014.” In Dudley L. Poston, Jr. (editor), Low Fertility Regimes and Demographic and Societal Change. New York, NY: Springer.

Teaching Courses

📖Theories of Demography

This course focuses on exposing students to prominent and innovative demographic theories and concepts and their applications. There are no prerequisites for this course. Expected outcomes upon completion of this course are as follows. 1) Students feel comfortable with key demographic concepts and theories. 2) They understand the interdisciplinary nature of demography. 3) They can explain how study of population is crucial in explaining various social issues that we are facing now, such as low fertility and high old age dependency ratios. The course methods consist of traditional lecture, in-class discussion, writing assignments, student presentations, and development of a research proposal.

Reading Materials:

  • 1. Poston, Jr, Dudley L., and Leon F. Bouvier. 2016. Population and Society: An Introduction to Demography. 2nd ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

  • 2. Joseph McFalls, Jr., 2007, 5th Edition. “Population: A Lively Introduction.” Population Bulletin, March, 3-29 


Week 1: Course introduction; Introduction to Demographic theories; World population history 

Week 2: Age; sex; fertility

Week 3: Mortality theories 

Week 4: Migration theories

Week 5: Immigrant adaptation 

Week 6: Population distribution and urban demography 

Week 7: Changes in the Chinese population and theoretical considerations 

Week 8: Family Demography, marriage, cohabitation, and family formation

Week 9: Anthropological demography; ethnicity and race 

Week 10: Student research proposal presentations 

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