ADRI Hosted Workshop on One-Belt-One-Road Initiative

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 Asian Population Association Scientific Group on One-Belt-One-Road Strategy: Implications on Population Dynamics and Socio-Ecological Impacts held its first workshop at the Asian Demographic Research Institute (ADRI) of Shanghai University on Oct. 10-11, 2017.  This workshop "The One-Belt-One-Road Strategy and its Implications for International Migration and Socioeconomic Change" drew 22 experts from 14 countries and international organizations to exchange ideas and research findings about the historical trends in and interactions between human movements and socioeconomic and environmental conditions along the OBOR, exploring the plausible impacts of OBOR policies on migration and socio-ecological changes. Participants pointed out that as the OBOR Initiative is still at an early stage, its impacts on population dynamics including migration remain to see. However, the OBOR policies provide a good opportunity for population research communities to carry out empirical and integrated modeling analysis for understanding the outcomes of comprehensive development policies. They also discussed the possibilities of joint research and future meetings and publications.

The Workshop is supported by National Social Sciences Foundation National Key Project (16ZDA088, PI: Leiwen Jiang).





The Workshop Agenda and participant list

The OBOR workshop call for paper

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