Congratulations! Class of 2021!

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Congratulations! Class of 2021!

On July 8th, ADRI held the online graduation ceremony for its class of 2021. All ADRI faculty members and ADRI students attended the ceremony.

Prof. Leiwen Jiang, the founding director of ADRI gave an opening speech to congratulate students on their graduation and encourage them to create a new chapter of their life with bravery.

Class of 2021 also shared their study experience in ADRI and expressed their gratitude to all faculty members for their kind help and mentoring in the past several years.

It's my great honor to join in ADRI. Thanks to all the faculties in ADRI for their cultivation in the past three years. I believe that these three years' life will become my own unique memory and will benefit me a lot in my life. I hope we will all have a better tomorrow. Looking forward to next gathering!

--Wang Lin, Class of 2021 (Master Program)

It is a very precious and lucky experience for me to study in Asian Demographic Research Institute in the past 3 years. The open and diversified learning environment here provides me with a lot of space to think and make choice independently. I really appreciate the kind help of the professors when I have questions. And I am grateful to the students of ADRI that we could learn and make progress together. My study life in ADRI is very happy. I believe that when I walk outside the University, I could still benefit a lot from the theoretical knowledge and practical experience I have learned in ADRI.

--Baoqian Lv, Class of 2021 (Master Program)

I think the three years of my master's study in ADRI are meaningful and happy. I am very grateful to each member of the ADRI family, because of whom I have benefited a lot, gained knowledge and gained unforgettable memories. It is because I want to continue this experience that I have decided to continue my PhD at ADRI. I'm looking forward to the next three years. To students pursuing their degree, I would like to say that you must hurry up and finish the first draft of your theses as early as possible, so that you can have more time to communicate with the supervisors and revise. I hope all of you graduate successfully in the future.

--Huang Ziyue, Class of 2021 (Master Program)

First of all, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Chinese government and Shanghai University for providing me a chance to complete my Ph.D. study at the Asian Demographic Research Institute where there are world-leading professors in the field of Demography. Moreover, I would like to express my sincere thanks to my supervisor, Prof. Leiwen Jiang, founding director of the Asian Demographic Research Institute (ADRI) at Shanghai University, and one of the world-class professors of Shanghai University for his support and guidance. I can only feel flattered by the confidence he has always shown in me. It was an excellent experience to work under his supervision because he was completely involved in my research work and we never lost track throughout my thesis work. Without his continuous follow-up, academic support, and guidance. I always appreciate the valuable comments, suggestions, and opinions he gave me in each stage of my research to improve my writing and presentation skills.

--Amr Abdelwahed, Class of 2021 (Ph.D. Program)

Congratulations on the graduation of Class 2021! Stay in touch and wish you all every success in the new chapter of your life. You are always welcomed back to the campus and ADRI!

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