International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) meeting successfully held on Nov.11

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ADRI successfully held the International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) meeting on 11, Nov, 2021. The meeting was held online through zoom. The chair of the board, Wolfgang Lutz, board members, Doo-Sub Kim, Xizhe Peng, Vipan Prachuabmoh, Brenda Yeoh joined the meeting.

The founding director of ADRI, Prof. Leiwen Jiang, reported the major achievement of ADRI in the past several years to the board. Pillar leaders of ADRI, Prof. Samir KC, Prof. Yu Zhu, Prof. Guy Abel, and Prof. Leiwen Jiang also presented the progress report of their research pillar respectively to the board. What ADRI has achieved in the past several years gained great recognition from the board members. Board members also discussed the challenges and opportunities that ADRI has faced during the pandemic or may face in the future and shared multiple suggestions on the development of ADRI. All members expressed their expectations on ADRI and willingness to cooperate with ADRI for carrying out more activities in the future.

About ISAB:

The International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) provides guidance and support for all scientific and networking activities. The board members are distinguished scholars from major research institutions, globally and from different sub-regions of Asia.

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