Dr. Wu Jinjing's new paper published in Health & Place

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Dr. Wu Jinjing recently published a new paper on Health & Place entitled with “Urbanization and systolic/diastolic blood pressure from a gender perspective: Separating longitudinal from cross-sectional association”. Dr. Wu is the first author of this paper.


There has been a generally negative view of the impact of urbanization on a rising burden of non-communicable diseases including cardiovascular disease. However, the evidence on the relationship between urbanization and cardiovascular health has remained inconclusive. A comprehensive picture of the relationship is lacking, given an implicit assumption that the longitudinal association between changes in cardiovascular health and an increasingly urbanized environment is similar between less and more urbanized communities, men and women. We used the longitudinal data on adults (18-64 years) from the China Health and Nutrition Survey (1991-2015) and employed within-between random-effects models to disaggregates the longitudinal and cross-sectional associations between urbanization and systolic/diastolic blood pressure (SBP/DBP) and examined heterogeneities in the longitudinal association by average urbanization level and gender. We found that the positive longitudinal association of urbanization with SBP/DBP was stronger in less urbanized than more urbanized communities. The cross-sectional association between urbanization and SBP was negative and significant, although the crosssectional association between urbanization and DBP was of no statistical significance. Moreover, the positive longitudinal association between urbanization and DBP was stronger among men than women, although the gender heterogeneity in the longitudinal association of urbanization with SBP was not significant.

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