Prof. Guy Abel published a review paper in the Global Environmental Change

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ADRI's Prof. Guy Abel has recently published a review paper “Recent progress and future directions for research related to migration and conflict” in the high-level journal Global Environmental Change as the corresponding author.

This review paper is based on another article Climate, conflict and forced migration, published by Prof. Guy Abel (lead author) published in the same journal in 2019. In the past decades, despite the lack of robust empirical evidence, a growing number of media reports attempt to link climate change to the ongoing violent conflicts in Syria and other parts of the world, as well as to the migration crisis in Europe. The study published in Global Environmental Change in 2019 (Abel et al., 2019) assesses empirically the causal mechanisms that run from changing climatic conditions to the likelihood of conflict, and consequentially leads to forced migration. Other subsequent studies have employed different methods to capture this relationship empirically. The increasing availability of geo-referenced data, particularly on demographic, socioeconomic and political variables, coupled with advancement in statistical techniques and computational power, provide a promising research framework for investigating the climate- migration link. Such improvements in data and methods allows for a systematic investigation of the underlying mechanisms through which climate change influences migration at a higher degree of geographical granularity and will consequently contribute to relevant empirical in- sights on how future migration patterns will unfold under different environmental change scenarios.

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