Professor Erich Striessnig of the University of Vienna invited to give a lecture at ADRI

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Under the framework of the Asian MetaCentre for Population and Sustainable Development Analysis, the Asian Demographic Research Institute invited Professor Erich Striessnig from the University of Vienna to give an online lecture entitled "Fertility and Family in the Age of Climate Change" on November 8. The lecture was hosted by Professor Leiwen Jiang, the director of the Asian Demographic Research Institute.

Professor Erich Striessnig first introduced the lecture from the differences of demographic transition in different countries and regions, and then combined a series of existing theories and empirical results to present a comprehensive view of the demographic transition theory in the era of climate change, and guided the audience to think deeply about how the changes in family structure, fertility decline and climate change interact with each other. By posing a series of unanswered research questions, the lecture inspired the audience to pay attention to family structure change and fertility decline in the context of climate change so as to form valuable research. There was a discussion among the participating students and faculty, and all the students present after the lecture.

About Prof. Erich Striessnig: Professor and Head of the Department of Demography at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Vienna, whose main research interests are multidimensional population projections and the social transformations caused by population metabolism.

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