Prof. Baochang Gu gave a lecture on "Second Demographic Transition in Asia: 'Distinctive' or 'Transitory' "

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ADRI invited Professor Baochang Gu to give a lecture entitled "Second Demographic Transition in Asia: 'Distinctive' or 'Transitory' " on March 29. The lecture was hosted by Professor Rong Chen.

Professor Baochang Gu is Senior Research Associate at the Center for Population and Development Policy Studies of Fudan UniversityHe received his B.A. in philosophy in Peking University in 1968, M.L. in international problems in Peking University in 1981, and M.A. in 1984 and Ph.D. in 1986 in sociology and demography at the University of Texas at Austin, USA. Formerly he served as Professor of Demography, Center for Population and Development Studies, Renmin University of China (2003-2019), Deputy Executive Director and Director of International Cooperation at China Family Planning Association (2001-2005), as Senior Associate at the Population Council, New York (1998-2000), Senior Research Associate and Associate Director of China Population Information and Research Center (1990-1998), UNFPA Population and Development Advisor in DPRK (1988-1989), Deputy Chair of Sociology Department of Peking University (1986-1988).

In this lecture, Professor Baochang Gu introduced the marriage and fertility of China's population in recent decades by combining the concepts and characteristics of the first demograohic transition (FDT) and the second demographic transition (SDT). Then he made a comparison with the demographic transition in western developed countries and attached the importance to studying the second demographic transition in China and Asia. In addition, Professor Gu introduced relevant papers in the special issue of "The Second Demographic Transition in Asia" of the Journal of Chinese Population and Development Studies. He discussed with the audience about the current situation and characteristics of the second demographic transition in China, Japan, India, Indonesia and other Asian countries in detail. The lecture aroused heated discussions among teachers and students about the second demographic transition in Asia.

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