ADRI/IIASA summer school “Demography, Human Capital and Economic Growth”

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ADRI/IIASA summer school "Demography, Human Capital and Economic Growth"

June 19-23, 2017 at ADRI (Shanghai University)

ADRI in collaboration with IIASA and the Wittgenstein Centre is hosting the first Asian summer school on how demographic trends and improving educational attainment impact on economic growth around Asia. This will also include discussions about the so-called first and second demographic dividends and on the role of human capital as a determinant of economic development. Leading international scholars from Asia, Europe, and the USA will give lectures providing overviews of the state of knowledge in these fields.

Participants in the summer school will typically be post-docs or recent PhDs from around the world. There are only 20 places, and acceptance is competitive. Tuition is free, and a number of bursaries for travel and living expenses are available upon request. 

If interested, please contact Samir KC or Yu Zhang Application deadline: 1 March 2017. 

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