Call for Papers! China Population and Development Studies (CPDS) Special Issue on Second Demographic Transition in Asia

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Call for Papers:
China Population and Development Studies (CPDS) published by Springer
Special Issue on Second Demographic Transition in Asia

Guest Editors: Baochang Gu, Ron Lesthaeghe and Stuart Gietel-Basten

Deadline: 1 February 2022

China Population and Development Studies (CPDS), a scholarly peer-reviewed international journal which examines a broad range of topics related to population and development, announces a call for papers for a special issue that will address the second demographic transition in Asia.

The concept of second demographic transition (SDT), which was initially coined to explain the demographic situation in European countries after the completion of the first demographic transition (FDT) in the 1960s, has received increasing attention recently among the Asian scholars in an attempt to examine the population changes occurred in many of the Asian populations in the 21st century in particular along with the socioeconomic development and the below-replacement fertility.

In this special issue, we are looking for papers on the theme of Second Demographic Transition in Asia. The papers can be theoretical, commentary or empirical contributions; full length or short descriptive. We would like to invite the papers to discuss how and how much the demographic situation in Asia can be examined from the SDT perspectives, and what are similar or different between Asia and Europe with regard to the evolution of the population changes in terms of SDT.  Papers with particular concerns and relevance on China would be a plus. Comparative study across populations, or between Asia and Europe, would be encouraged when possible.  The paper can be focused on certain features of SDT such as cohabitation, extramarital fertility, childlessness, abortion and contraception, postponement and recuperation, divorce and remarriage, gender relation, etc. or as case studies for a particular population or a region.

We encourage you to consider submitting a 300-word abstract proposal (with some preliminary results) to before 1 February 2022.  We aim to complete the first round of peer-review process within 8 weeks of submission.  All submissions will undergo an initial screening, and manuscripts that pass this stage will be sent out for external peer-review. The deadline for full paper submission is 30 May 2022. The special issue is scheduled for publication in September 2022.

All manuscripts should follow the journal submission guidelines which are available on:

Any questions related to this special issue should be directed to one of the guest editors: Baochang Gu (, Ron Lesthaeghe (, or Stuart Gietel-Basten (    

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